Saturday, September 25, 2010

NADAC next weekend

Found a NADAC trial that was still open by the time I found out I had the weekend off work! Lucky me! We're doing 12 runs next weekend and hopefully we'll bring home some new titles.

Friday, September 17, 2010

No agility?

For planning on doing so much agility this year I haven't done hardly any. My boss decided to retire so I had to find a new job. Once there I didn't want to push for time off, then it was summer, and then Venus babies were old enough to show.

Venus did pick up a Q in starters gamblers at the Feb USDAA trial earning her AD. So far her puppies are doing well in the show ring. 3 of the 4 show puppies have earned points towards their championships. Two of those are taking some herding lessons already. I put Venus in a few conformation shows since the National is coming up and she hasn't shown in about 2 years. She showed wonderfully but I don't think she finds it near as much fun as agility.

I am hoping to do one trial in Oct before the National and then she'll get to do one day of AKC at the National.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Venus and I have been working on the 2x2 weave method and so far so good. We are taking it slow to make sure she understands the entry and collection. Really this is the most important part for her since she knows how to weave once she's in them. Her problems are getting in the correct spot and then collecting to hit the next poles.

We are doing a USDAA trial on Sunday. I went ahead and entered her in 26" but we're only doing 3 runs. Hopefully she'll get her starters gamblers Q for her AD. Then she's also in Grand Prix and Advanced Standard.

Friday, January 22, 2010

CPA USDAA trial!

The trial had a huge entry, they ended up adding a 3rd ring and judge. First thing that happened at the trial was Venus had to get measured. 21.5" :( After months off of agility she is jumping 26", 5 runs a day, for her first trial since July! What was I thinking lol. With only one bar on the warm up jump she kept going under it. I finally worked her at 22", then 24", then 26". It finally clicked with her that she was jumping 26".
Saturday Results:
- NQ- She knocked the bar on the first red and was over the 2nd jump so we got whistled off
Gamblers- NQ/3rd- She knocked the first bar again, all other bars stayed up, I really didn't give her any information on the gamble so she didn't do it
Standard- Q/2nd- I forgot where I was going after the a-frame so we had a bobble before the weaves
Pairs- Q/2nd- Nice easy pairs run
Steeplechase- NQ- I was a horrible handler! I told her to go up the a-frame, that was not where we were supposed to go.
Sunday Results:
NQ/3rd- Took an offcourse jump during the gamble
Standard- Q/1st- Nice run for us
Snooker- NQ- My anti-weave dog decided to cut through the weaves on the way to the next red
Grand Prix- NQ- Took a jump the wrong way
Jumpers- NQ- 1 bar down, otherwise great run
Monday Results:
Q/1st- Yay snooker Q
Gamblers- NQ/2nd- Just couldn't get her to do the gamble in time
Standard- Q/2nd- Messy run but got it done for her SSA!
Jumpers- Q/1st- Wonderful jumpers run!

Just need a gamblers Q for her AD

Friday, January 1, 2010

We are back!

All done with puppy stuff now so we are back. Venus did a show and go today and was a good girl. Very nice weaves, kept bars up, nice contacts. Not bad for being out of shape and having been off for 3 months.

Our first trial is USDAA Jan 9-11!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


There's a link the the right under Agility Blogs section to the blog with Venus puppy updates. Please continue to look there until January most likely.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The USDAA trial

We got no Qs all weekend, but that is because we didn't go. Venus came in season so no agility trials for her. What this really means though is no more trials until next year. She was bred this time so puppies are due late Oct and will go home the very end of the year. I'm going to keep in her as good of shape as possible so she's ready to go ASAP after the puppies leave, plus it will be easier on her for the whelping.
This blog probably won't have much else on it until next year. I may decide to do some Bacchus updates but right now he's just getting things figured out.
For puppy and Venus pregnancy updates go to

We will have a puppy cam!